Bonfire 2001

Although Richard had been doing this for years, 2001 was the first year that Richard, Mark & Reg were together for what was to become an annual event. (well, being Bonfire Night, you would expect that)

The rig was quite straightforward - a light chaser and.... well that was it. A light chaser. Built by Richard to ward off evil when he was a small boy in 1806 from a Maplin kit; a real part of BonfireParty history, and a project of which he is rightly still proud today.

There was the clever addition of electronically triggered fireworks on the top of the scaffold at the start, but from then on it was the usual mayhem.

One small DV camera was used to shoot and so for the first time, it was all captured on film..


2001 Full Version

Duration approx 13 minutes!