2004: DVD Titles

Now you have to understand something fundamental to the Bonfireparty here.

Every bloody year we make some great (though we do say so ourselves) choices in music, and generally, we get there first.

One year we used The Arcade Fire when no-one had heard of them. Next minute, the tune we had chosen and were due to use that year was all over BBC ads. Won't Get Fooled Again was another. Not been heard in years, very political. Bloody Brilliant. Then every other Bugger suddenly starts using it politically again. Carmina Burana in 2003. No sooner had we chosen it, it was notably used on Pop Idol (or is that Pop Idle) and everyone is aware of it again.

And the tune to this video, "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" (excuse the American -ie wrong- spelling of honour) . Now I admit, we nicked this from Quentin Tarantino, so maybe we were second, but then everyone else gets in on the act.

Bloody nuisance if you ask me.