(tm) was established in the mid 19th Century by Richard Bolens, Mark Shift & Reginald Barrow. It was originally set up to combat the effects of localised witchcraft within Richard's hometown of Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Richard, Mark and Reg's activities became very low key during much of the 20th Century, however, the influence of Pink Floyd, The Who and certain Pharmacological chemicals must not be underestimated.


Bonfire 2002

However, with knowledge comes much responsibilty, and to this end, all efforts have of recent years been put into the construction of ever more elaborate Bonfire Parties, which seemed quite apt, given the happy coincidence of the name " (tm)"

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As the new Millenium dawned, (tm) was given a new lease of life with the advent of Yahoo Groups, and Richard in particular made a huge impact on the Body Piercing Forums.

Being later joined by Robin Broders, Neo Dobson and Louise Smooth, the (tm) crew began to expose hitherto unseen conspiracies on the World Wide Web which predated the late Middle Ages.



Bonfire 2003



Bonfire 2004  


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